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Julia Siedl from Vienna is one of the most noted artist of the Austrian Jazz Scene.
Since 2011 she has released three albums, the latest one being her first Trio Album Good News in November 2016. („MiniSawAttack“ in 2011 - quartet, and

„Pearlmania/Bublinky in 2013 - duo).


After years of classical training starting at a very young age, Julia discovered her love for jazz, for improvisation and rhythm. She studied jazz at the Conservatory of Vienna, and went to NYC for further studies with Marc Copland, brazilian pianist Cidinho Teixeira and others.


Besides performing with a vast variety of jazz groups she was fortunate to regularly work with great musicians from various cultural backgrounds such as Brazil, West Africa
and the Middle East. Therefore her inspiration arises from a colorful mix of styles, rhythms and languages.

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